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If you have a problem with your Appliance, air conditioning, furnace or heating system and need an immediate assistance La Vernia, TX Appliance, Air Conditioning and Heating Repair is ready to serve your needs. Our services include same day Appliance repair, a free service call with the repair, and service low-price guarantee. You always get an itemized written Appliance repair estimate, which must be approved by you before we perform any work. Our dispatchers are available to receive your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our La Vernia, TX Appliance repair toll free number:

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Appliance Diagrams

The appliance timer motor should always indicate continuity and not be grounded. Appliance motors are usually easy to check and they may in most cases be detached from the appliance timer body. Cams are seldom defective, unless they should break, an unlikely occurrence. The appliance drive train may be checked visually. As for the appliance switch contacts, even though there may be twenty contacts within the appliance timer, you've only got one symptom or one appliance problem, and by looking at the appliance wiring diagram you can eliminate all but one or possibly two sets of these contacts. A point to point check with the VOM should then indicate whether they are at appliance fault.
Again, the key word is simplify. If you are going on a trip and consult the road map, you don't try to take in all of the lines tracing roadways within an entire state. You find your destination and disregard all routes except the one which will lead you to that point. When you look at the appliance wiring schematic it is easy to become confused by the maze of appliance electrical circuits pictured; yet you should only be interested in a very small portion of that web. Just as you would use a road map, you should first locate your destination (the appliance part which is not operating) and plot your course from one side of the power line, through the part which is inoperative, to the other side of the appliance power line. In this manner you have plotted a complete electrical circuit, since you have passed from one side of the line to the other; and you will find that this "routing" procedure takes you through every appliance switch and connection which could cause the problem component to be inoperative. Now, by taking your meter and checking only those appliance components involved in your route, you should be able to pinpoint the faulty one.
There are two assets on your side that ease this procedure. The first of these is your own powers of deduction—where the Sherlock Holmes in you comes out. When you first became aware of the problem with the appliance, your first observation will give you many clues to the solution of the case. You will learn to make a mental note of every one of these, and then pursue them further to eliminate various appliance components which may not be at fault. As an example of this procedure, you find that the appliance motor is not running on your automatic washer. You note the position of the appliance timer dial when it stopped, and the setting of other appliance controls. When you find the motor on the wiring appliance diagram, you see that it also has two speeds other than the high speed used on the appliance normal cycle. Turning the appliance on and placing the timer in another cycle allows you to see that the appliance motor does operate on the medium and low speeds. Now, returning to the appliance diagram and tracing the circuit through the conductor marked "high" to the motor, you see that this is controlled by a appliance switch on the console of the washer and by a contact within the timer. Since the appliance diagram shows you which timer contact is involved, this is the only timer test you have to make

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